2016 Christmas Card Fails

Last year we got the CUTEST pictures for our Christmas card, matching Christmas jammies and all!

2016 Christmas Card Fail

I mean, look at this precious moment between Livia and Santa! 2016 Christmas Card Fail

Well this year I didn’t quite have it together enough to get matching jammies in time, but we were planning on going to a local Christmas tree festival Thanksgiving weekend, and thought we could get some good pictures there. Boy, was I wrong. We decided to start with Santa before the line got crazy, and if you follow me on Instagram you are familiar with this one. Definitely not the same type of precious moment as last year.

2016 Christmas Card Fail

After that, Liv had zero interest in taking any pictures. Even selfies, which are normally her favorite!

2016 Christmas Card Fail 2016 Christmas Card Fail

So we found and Inside Out and Mickey themed tree thinking that might make her happy…

2016 Christmas Card Fail 2016 Christmas Card Fail

Nope. Not happening. 2016 Christmas Card Fail 2016 Christmas Card Fail 2016 Christmas Card Fail

I wish this was a joke and these pictures were taken on purpose, but these are literally every single picture from that day. Eventually we just gave up and tried to enjoy the beautifully decorated trees. All you can do is go with the flow and laugh right?

We decided to go with some of Livie’s first birthday pictures from August for our Christmas card. Although a certain one from above may have made the cut, it was just too good not to share 🙂

Do you guys have any Christmas card fails?? I know I can’t be the only one, right?

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