2016 Gift Guide for Online Shoppers + Shop Credit!

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I love most things about the holidays: the feeling of coziness at home with friends and family, watching The Santa Clause by the light of the tree, extra kindness towards strangers, and excitement from little ones. However, the crowded stores and roadways are definitely NOT something I enjoy about this time of year. I’ll be honest that online shopping is normally my go-to (a habit from going to college in a small town without any major stores), but  it especially is during the holidays so I can avoid all the craziness. And now that I have a little one, it makes even more sense! I have put together some great ideas for gifts to buy online for anyone on your list. AND  you can even get $25 online e-gfit card to JORD Wood Watches automatically here!

2016 Gift Guide for Online Shoppers

2016 Gift Guide for Online Shoppers

JORD Wood Watch I (well, Alex) got the opportunity to try a men’s watch from JORD Wood Watches. I have always wanted get a nice watch for Alex, but he already had a silver watch that he wore for special occasions. Since most watches that I found were so similar to the one he already had, I didn’t think there was a point in getting him one. Then, I was introduced to wood watches from JORD, and was so excited to get one for Alex! These watches are so unique, and are SO gorgeous! From the moment I opened my package and saw the wooden box that contained the watch, I knew that this company was all about quality. The watch that I got for Alex is the Dover Series Koa and Black. I love that the color of the wood is versatile, and can go with any color of outfit. The face of the watch is also really neat.

2016 Gift Guide for Online Shoppers

2016 Gift Guide for Online Shoppers

Alex loves that the watch goes well when he is dressed up, but also with casual clothes, since that is how he dresses most often. It is the perfect accessory for date night, church, work meetings, running errands, dinner with friends, and even just playing the backyard with his favorite girls!

2016 Gift Guide for Online Shoppers

This is an awesome gift idea for any men in your life, but JORD also makes both men’s and women’s watches, so it can be the perfect gift for anyone on your list! I seriously can’t decide which watch to put on my wish list. There are so many that I love!

To see my other ideas for ‘Gifts for Him’ check out my newest Pinterest board. 

Stitch Fix Gift Card: Have someone on your shopping list that has been wanting to try Stitch Fix? Or someone who you aren’t sure what to get? Stitch Fix offers gift cards so you can give the gift of a personalized shopping experience to anyone! And now that Stitch Fix offers men’s clothing too, it really is an option for anyone on your list!  Just click here, go to ‘Gift Card’ along the top, and then you have three options of how to give your gift card, have it sent to the person, print it out, or email it.

Waterproof Socks: Who knew these even existed?? Alex coaches swimming, so he is on a pool deck for hours at time. He tries to get lightweight shoes with lots of breathability, but it never fails that his socks are soaked. (and wet shoes and socks are not the most pleasant smelling things!) When I saw these waterproof socks, I immediately knew I had to get them for him! I’m thinking these could also be great for wearing while having a play day in the snow, college students that have to walk around campus in the rain, or someone that hunts or goes hiking in the woods where there might be creeks to go through.

Bluetooth Headphones: I really wish these would have been available when I used to run, no cord to deal with would have been amazing. If you are shopping for someone who listens to music while eat the gym, out for a run, walking around campus, mowing the lawn, or just to pass the time, this looks like a really cool idea for them!

Grill Tools with LED light: This would make a great dad/husband/father-in-law gift!  One thing I definitely miss about warmer weather is cooking on the grill. These grill tools could help carry grilling season over a little bit longer, that is until the weather turns wayyyyy to cold to spend any time outside. Man, I am not ready for that yet!

Roomba: Know a busy mom in your life? Well, she needs this! This is absolutely the #1 thing on my list this year. The thought of not having to pull out the vacuum every day to get up the dog hair and leaves and dirt that the dogs track in sounds amazing! I know with two big dogs that shed, we will probably still have to vacuum normally, but I am hoping this will cut down on having to do full-0n vacuuming multiple times a week. I have been doing a little research and I think there will be some huge Black Friday sales for this item too, so I am waiting for those!

This year I know I am going to enjoy my holiday shopping from the warmth of my own home, and these items are giving me a great start! Happy shopping, and don’t forget to sign up here to get your $25 instant e-gift card to JORD Wooden Wristwatches!

2016 Gift Guide for Online Shoppers

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