My 2017 New Year’s Resolutions + FREE Cleaning Schedule Template

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I always love to use a new year as a time to start fresh and try doing something new. This year I want to try to add some new routines that will hopefully help our lives run a little more efficiently.

Blogging: I have been lacking in motivation and time to blog over the past few months. However, this is still something I want to do to document our little family’s life, as well as connect with others. So this year I want to commit to sticking to a posting schedule of twice a week, and doing a monthly recap of activities and milestones in our lives. I think having a schedule will help keep me more engaged.

Cooking: I desperately need to find a way to make dinners a little easier. We have tried a weekly menu, which works pretty well when we actually plan it, get all the groceries for it, and stick to it. But even so, sometimes (okay, a lot of times) I still struggle actually start making the meal before 6:00.  By that time we are just ready to eat so it just ends up being something quick (i.e. chicken nuggets and frozen veggies). This year I want to use the crock pot once a week. I think this routine will make at least one night a week a little simpler so I don’t get so easily burnt out in the kitchen. (burnt out in the kitchen…see what I did there??? lol)

And to make clean up with the crock pot even easier, I found these Reynold’s Slow Cooker Liners. They are like little bags that go right into the crock pot, and make clean up SO easy. Just take out and toss! If anyone has any easy, slow cooker recipes, I would love for you to share them with me!

My 2017 New Year's Resolutions + Free Cleaning Schedule Template

House: I like to keep our main areas pretty clean and have used a cleaning schedule that is really helpful when I stick to it. However, we tend to really neglect other areas of the house until they get super unorganized and messy, and then it is a huge project to straighten back up. I plan to devote one week a month to each of these areas to try to help with this. I am thinking something like this:

First week of the month: Guest bedroom (AKA the catch all room for everything. This is such a terrible habit!)

Second week of the month: Organize and clean out closets

Third week of the month: Organize and clean basement storage area

Fourth week of the month: Organize and clean out freezer, refrigerator, and pantry. Okay we try to do this pretty regularly because obviously it’s food and it can get gross, but I’m talking about the deep clean outs where you finally toss the bottle of soy sauce that is in your fridge but expired like 3 years ago. Please tell me I’m not alone in that…

I think this will be really helpful because a) after the first few months, I bet the clean outs will be quick, and b) giving myself a week to do it will make it less overwhelming and keep me from just ignoring it because I don’t have the time or energy on one particular day.

My 2017 New Year's Resolutions + Free Cleaning Schedule Template
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 Happy New Year, friends! I would love to know your goals and resolutions for 2017, let me know what they are in the comments!
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