3 Ways to Get Kids Interested in Nonfiction Text

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I don’t often blog about teaching, but I recently got an opportunity to review some amazing non-fiction books from National Geographic Kids, and had to share them! Whether you are a fellow teacher, or a parent of young ones, you definitely need to try these books out!3 Ways to Get Kids Interested in Nonfiction Text


Teachers and parents alike know that getting kids interested in reading nonfiction can be tough. Here are some tips that I find helpful with my students.

  1. Play up the connection. Students have to make a connection to a book in order for it to interest them. Let’s face it, not everything we read in our lives is something we always really want to, and kids are no different. However, when you encourage them to think about how the topic matters to them in their lives, the book instantly has more meaning to them. It might take some work at first, but I guarantee that there is not a topic out there that a kid can’t make a single connection to, that they can’t think of a single way that it matters in their life. You will start to find that when they do this, they will not only find more meaning in a text, but will start to enjoy reading about a wider range of topics.3 Ways to Get Kids Interested in Nonfiction Text
  2. Provide quality nonfiction text. No matter how strong of a connection a child makes to a text, if that text is not engaging, they simply will lose interest. National Geographic knows what they are doing when it comes to quality nonfiction books, so it makes sense they are the leading publisher of nonfiction books for kids. Kids can easily spot a National Geographic book from across the room. At first glance, they are eye catching with excellent pictures. Once they get into the book, the organization and presentation of the text is second to none. The aesthetics of the page is enticing for kids with bright colors, and attention grabbing headings, and they use text features in excellent ways to guide kids through the information to help them understand what they are reading.3 Ways to Get Kids Interested in Nonfiction Text
  3. Play into their interests. My students are sooo into superheroes, both the boys and the girls, so books like The Book of Heroes and The Book of Heroines that play into their interests are amazing. Literally, I told my class that I was able to test out some new nonfiction books, and then showed them the covers, and cheers erupted. Cheers…over nonfiction books. What??? These books are hot commodities in my classroom. The kids seriously can’t put them down, and get so aggravated when they think another student has taken too long with it. National Geographic comes out with over 100 books each year, which allows them to stay current with kids’ interests, and provide them with text that will play to those interests.

3 Ways to Get Kids Interested in Nonfiction Text3 Ways to Get Kids Interested in Nonfiction Text

I really love that The Book of Heroines gives my students, especially my girls, inspiring women to learn about. National Geographic has a mission to inspire and empower kids to make positive changes to our world. In this book, they can learn about so many women and girls that have had a positive impact on the world, and I can already see their mindset changing to begin to think of how they can positively affect the world too. To me, this is the ultimate goal, and I am so glad that National Geographic can help teachers and parents open up kids’ minds with nonfiction!

3 Ways to Get Kids Interested in Nonfiction Text

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