3 Ways to Clear Baby Congestion

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When Livia was just a few weeks old, she developed some congestion that hung around for quite a while. After visiting the doctor, and finding out that she had no signs of infection, we were told that some babies are just stuffy. Alex and I both have allergies, so she very well might struggle with that as well, and a little congestion is just something we will have to be prepared for. We have learned a few tricks to help her when she gets congested.

3 Ways to Clear Baby Congestion

  1. Steam from a hot shower. When she was really young we would run a hot shower and once the bathroom got really steamy, we would strip her down to her diaper so she wouldn’t get too hot, and sit with her in the bathroom. We would do this a few times a day when her congestion was really bad to try to give her some relief.
  2. Saline Solution: We were recommended this gentle saline solution by Little Remedies because it is made especially for little ones. We just put a few drops in each nostril to loosen up her congestion.
  3. Removal.  Yup, it’s about as gross as it sounds, but it has to be done. After the steam or saline solution, we try to clear her out by removing some of the congestion. We found that the bulb syringe just didn’t do the job. We have tried a few products out there, but like the NeilMed Naspira Nasal-Oral Aspirator, or as I prefer to call it, the snot sucker. Alex can’t get over how gross this concept is, and won’t even do it. Maybe it’s a mom thing, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Don’t worry, there are filters in place, so there is no way that you can actually suck anything into your mouth! The nice thing about the NeilMed design is that it can also function as a normal bulb syringe for less trickier congestion.

3 Ways to Clear Baby Congestion

I also love that the entire product is clear so I don’t have to worry about hidden mold growing on the inside like with the typical blue bulb syringes from the hospital, trust me, I have seen some horror stories with those!

This product has seriously been a lifesaver when Livia has been congested, and NeilMed is offering $3 off a purchase at neilmed.com with discount code MOMSBLOG.


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