30 Reasons Why We Love You

30 Reasons Why We Love You Alex turned 30 yesterday. This is a big birthday, so I wanted to do something special for him. I want him to know how much he is loved for just being him, appreciated for all that he does for us, and adored because of the way he loves us. I wrote down these 30 reasons on scrapbook paper cut in circles, and put them in a mason jar. I used baby girl themed paper for reasons from Livia, paw print paper for reasons from the pups, and purple and grey designs for reasons from me. Some are sentimental, some are silly, but all are 100% true and perfectly us. I found a little decorative cardboard piece, strung twine through it, and glued some scrapbook paper on it for the tag. I hope that he can keep this as a reminder, and when things get tough whether with work, in our marriage, or as a parent, he can be uplifted by these little notes.

30 Reasons Why We Love You



So Alex, here are 30 reasons why we love you:

You make me feel special, loved, and beautiful inside and out

You love me when I am being extra demanding

You make time to come home for dinner even when you work evenings

You listen when I talk about work, and genuinely care about my teaching and students

You make even the little things in life fun with your playful personality

30 Reasons Why We Love You

30 Reasons Why We Love You

You are an amazing dad to our daughter and dogs

You have fully supported me in breastfeeding Livia

You are excited about all the little milestones in her life, and help her learn and grow to reach them

Your are building a special and strong bond with Livia

You play with her and make her laugh

30 Reasons Why We Love You

30 Reasons Why We Love You

You wake up in the middle of the night to change her diaper before I feed her

You read with her in the most fun and animated ways

You are the best reader of the Dr. Seuss ABC book

You love to snuggle with Livia, even when it’s the middle of the night and you want to sleep

You are introducing her to 90’s boy bands by listening to Backstreet Boys Pandora while giving her a bath

30 Reasons Why We Love You 30 Reasons Why We Love You

You bring my lunch to school when I forget it

You are willing to be flexible with your work schedule during the day

You are a logical thinker that helps me consider things in a way I wouldn’t have before

You make me laugh, even when we are in the middle of an argument

You have fully accepted my friends as your friends

30 Reasons Why We Love You

30 Reasons Why We Love You

You get up every morning to feed the dogs

You watch Grey’s Anatomy with me

You try to help me stay awake when I am falling asleep on the couch but want to finish a show

You are a master of all things Candy Crush and Bubble Witch related

You stand up for our beliefs and opinions about our life and family

30 Reasons Why We Love You30 Reasons Why We Love You

You work hard in all things that you do

You are responsible and accountable, and instill that in the kids you work with everyday

You have different interests than I do, which has brought more variety to our marriage and lives

You encourage me to go after my dreams, even if it means major changes for our family

You are you, and you are the person that was made for me to go through this life with

30 Reasons Why We Love You 12

30 Reasons Why We Love You

We love you, Alex! Happy Birthday!




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  1. britstrawbridge says:

    This is so sweet! I especially like the Backstreet Boys at bath time 🙂 Very, very sweet! Thanks for sharing! xx

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