5 Ways to Soothe a Fever

This past week Livia got sick, yet again. This is the second time in less than 2 months that she has gotten a 102+ fever and has just felt miserable. This time she wouldn’t even sleep unless she was being snuggled, so we took turns holding her and drifting off in the rocking chair. She does not tolerate taking a fever reducer, and normally can’t even keep them down. Believe me, we are not anti-medicine, and would give it to her if we could, we keep trying, but it keeps coming right. back. up. We’ve tried all the flavors, dye-free, dyed, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, she just can’t do it. As if a sick baby doesn’t make you feel helpless enough already, it is torture knowing you can’t give them anything for relief. So we are left with trying to bring down her fever and comfort her in other ways. Here is what has helped with us:


5 Ways to soothe a fever without medicine

  1. Giving a luke warm bath. This always seems to perk Livia up a little bit when she is feeling bad. I think it helps keep her mind off of not feeling good, and cools off her skin. We have a bath thermometer and try to get the water around 93 or 94 degrees. Our pediatrician has told us to make sure the water isn’t too cold, because if she is shivering it will actually raise her body temperature. When we have taken her temperature right after a bath it is much lower than before, and will stay like this for a little while. Even though it doesn’t keep her fever down for an extended time, it is nice to be able to give her some relief.
  2. Dressing in light clothing. We especially try to do this at night since she still sleeps in a swaddle, which gives her an extra layer. We put her in either light, cotton jammies, or just a onesie.
  3. Keeping the house slightly cooler than normal. This is the time of year that we are sort of on the fence about needing the air conditioning on. When she was sick we turned it on, and kept it a few degrees cooler than normal so she wouldn’t feel the extra warmth of the house being hot and humid.
  4. Giving a cool teething ring to hold and chew on. This really helped Livia this week, probably because she is also cutting her first two teeth, but she also liked just holding it in her hands. It seems to give her a little bit of relief, or maybe it was just a distraction, but either way, I’ll take it!
  5. Keeping a barely damp cloth on her head. We do this when she’s sleeping in our arms. Sometimes it makes her mad, but other times she hasn’t minded it. Again, we try not to make it cold, but I think it being slightly damp gives her head some relief when she is really burning up.

There is NOTHING that hurts my heart more than when my baby is sick. It is the most hopeless feeling. I often wish she would be able to tell us what she’s feeling and what she needs, but until then we just try our best to make her comfortable. Please comment with any advice you have on soothing a fevering baby.

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