Baby’s First Christmas List

This Christmas, Livia won’t know the difference between Christmas Day and any other day. She won’t yet be able to open the gifts we have gotten and wrapped for her. And she won’t yet be anxiously awaiting Christmas morning to see what Santa has brought her under the tree. She will only be 4 months old, so none of these special traditions will really register with her yet.

She won’t know the difference, but we will. We will know the difference between Christmas last year when we had just found out that we were expecting, and were dreaming of what this baby will be like. We will know the difference in our hearts of having her here with us, and excitedly starting some new family traditions with her. This is why we have gotten her presents that we have kept hidden in the basement, wrapped them and put under the tree, and will be excitedly opening them for her Christmas morning. And even though she won’t understand the significance of getting these gifts, I can’t wait to see her precious smile when we show her some of her new toys.


Baby's First Christmas

Here are some ideas for a baby’s first christmas list.

  1. Baby’s first Christmas ornament. A must in our house! We collect ornaments for every special occasion. We ordered this one from Shutterfly, and I can’t wait until it comes in!

Baby's First Christmas OrnamentBaby's First Christmas Ornament

2. Recordable ‘Night Before Christmas’ book. Having Mommy and Daddy record this story on baby’s first Christmas would be such a sweet keepsake! I hope it will be something she will keep for years to come.

3. Pop-up Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer book. When I  was younger I had a pop-up Night Before Christmas book. I LOVED this book, and it was such a special tradition to read it with my family at Christmas time. I still have that book, and when I look at it, I am flooded with warm memories of Christmas as a young child. I hope that this Rudolph pop-up book can be as special for Livie, and something she remembers years and years from now.

4. Violet Bear from Leap Frog. This stuffed animal can be personalized with your baby’s name, favorite colors, songs, food and more. Violet is also interactive and encourages your baby to sing and talk along, and explore numbers, colors, feelings, and daily routines. Violet is a toy that can grow with your baby, adapting to their new skills as they get older. I have heard that so many people LOVE Violet, so we are excited for her to get it.

5. Teething rings. We thought these would be perfect little stocking stuffers, and perfect timing for Livia right now since she has started to put everything in her mouth!

6. Her favorite pacifiers (Soothies), which are also in my list of Top Ten Newborn Must Haves. Another great thing for stocking stuffers.

7. Family Stockings. I am blessed with a mother-in-law that makes the most BEAUTIFUL stockings. Family stockings was always something that I wanted when I was growing up, but my parents weren’t able to find anyone to knit some for us. When Alex and I got married, his mom knitted me one of his family’s stockings, and now we have one for Livia too. I can’t wait to fill it with little stocking stuffers for her! Family Christmas Stockings


Hope this gave you some inspiration for gifts for your little one!

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