Best Way to Clean Glass Tables

I received this product for free to test as a part of BloggyMoms influencers. All opinion are 100% my own. 

We recently inherited a glass table from a family friend. I love how it makes our somewhat small kitchen look a little more open, however keeping the glass looking nice has been a challenge! Any time we sat down to do anything at the table, smudges and fingerprints were left on it, but pulling out the glass cleaner every night was not something I wanted to do.

Best Way to Clean Glass Tables

Luckily, around the same time, the eCloth company contacted me about reviewing one of their products. I saw they had a glass cleaning cloth, and was so excited to try it out!

When I first got it in the mail and read the directions about only needing to use water with the cloth, I thought there was no way that it would actually be able to clean the smudges off of the glass. But I was definitely wrong! Not only does it do an amazing job of cleaning the glass, but it keeps it looking nice for longer than when I used glass cleaner and a paper towel.

I love that I can easily pull out the eCloth after dinner, get it a little damp, wipe down the table, and be done. The table looks amazing, and we can enjoy more family play time together with Livia before bedtime.

Best Way to Clean Glass TablesI am also a fan of not putting extra chemicals into the air when Livia is around since eCloth only needs water to do its cleaning.

Not only does this work great on finger smudges on glass tables, but also cleans our dogs’ “nose art” on our sliding glass door. To be honest, I don’t clean this door very often because of how quickly it gets dirty again with having 2 dogs, but now that I can just give it a quick wipe down with the eCloth, it is A LOT easier to keep clean.

Best Way to Clean Glass Tables

I definitely recommend this product if you have a glass table or door in your house. To check out this product, or any of the other eCloth products, (um hello, they just came out with a Baby Care line! Sign me up!) check them out at on Facebook or Instagram.


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