DIY Tulle Tutu


DIY Tulle Tutu

Okay so we are a little obsessed with Dory in our house, if you haven’t noticed that from her birthday party, or my Instagram feed with her Dory costume and Dory Jack-O-Lantern. So when it came to thinking of a Halloween costume for Liv, I thought, why reinvent the wheel?

I looked at Dory costumes at stores and online, and didn’t find anything that was that cute, and everything was way more money than I wanted to spend. So I thought we could use some of the decorations from her birthday party (the eyes and fins from the Dory drink container), and I could make her a tutu out of tulle. This was my first time making a tulle tutu, and seriously, it is so easy! You  should definitely try it for your little one’s next costume- or just for dress up fun!

DIY Tulle Tutu DIY Tulle Tutu

You will need:

Elastic- so apparently there are a TON of different types of elastic. I spent like 10 minutes just looking at the elastic, and thought to myself how ridiculous it was that I was taking that long. It’s just elastic, it will all do the job, just grab some and go!

Tulle: After finding the big spools of the colors I wanted, I was walking up to take them to be cut for me, and I saw the most amazing thing… small rolls of tulle! I didn’t even need to cut a bigger piece into strips, just one cut and I would already have perfect strips! I grabbed two different colors of blue, one yellow, and I was on my way.DIY Tulle Tutu

When I checked out, I thought of this meme, because it is just oh so true. DIY Tulle Tutu

But whatever, at least I will feel super crazy and accomplished, right??(I also bought a plain blue shirt and a yellow bow, so just the tulle and elastic isn’t all that expensive)

Back to the tutu. First I wrapped the plastic around her waist to see how much I would need, and then used hot glue to glue the ends together to finish the waistband.

Then I started cutting strips of the tulle, and tied a few on the elastic before I cut too many to make sure the length was okay.

To tie on the elastic, fold your strip of tulle in half, put the loot end behind the elastic, and pull the rest of the tulle through the looped end. Pull until the tulle is tight around the elastic. The really nice thing is that the tulle is pretty forgiving and you can easily adjust after it is tightened around the elastic, so there is not need to stress about tying them all exactly the same. Just pull and shift and you can get it moved how you need it.

DIY Tulle Tutu DIY Tulle Tutu DIY Tulle Tutu

I thought the whole tutu would take forever, but it actually wasn’t too bad. I did it while watching an episode of Stranger Things, and finished it before the episode was over. (PS anyone else LOVING Stranger Things, because we totally are!!).

Once you have tied all of your tulle, you can fluff and re-adjust as you need, like I said, the tulle is very forgiving! I think this tutu made for a super cute DIY Dory costume, and is an adorable and easy way to add to any DIY costume. Just change up your color of tulle and you are good to go!

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DIY Tulle Tutu


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