Finding Dory First Birthday Party!

Finally, over 1 month after Livia’s first birthday party, I am sharing the ways we created a simple and easy Finding Dory themed birthday party. Even though I considered this party a huge event in her life and ours, I did not want go crazy with how much time, effort, and money we spent on this. So we combined a few DIY projects with some store bought items, and I think it all turned out really cute!

Starfish: Pineapple and watermelon cut into little stars. All of the cookie cutters we looked at were a little too big to make this work, so we actually ended up trying a clay cutting tool in the shape of a star that I found at a craft store, and it worked really well!

Finding Dory First Birthday Party

Sea Cucumber (cucumber), Crab Legs (carrot sticks), Caviar (blueberries)

Finding Dory First Birthday Party

To label the foods I used little flags I found in the party decorating aisle at Hobby Lobby.

Finding Dory First Birthday Party

Sea Creature Sandwiches: I love how these turned out! We went an easy route with the main course by getting pre-made chicken salad from the store, and a box of croissants from Sam’s Club. To make the eyes, I just hot glued little googly eyes from the craft store on to toothpicks. This was probably the most time consuming craft of all the decorations. I found that lining the toothpicks up so they were close to each other, but not touching, allowed me to quickly put a glue done on each one, then put the eye on.

Finding Dory First Birthday PartyFinding Dory First Birthday Party

Other foods not pictured (because ya know, mom brain):

Sharks teeth: cheese cut into triangles and laid out on platter to look like an open sharks’s mouth. This turned out so cute and wished I would have gotten a picture!

Driftwood and Sandbar: pretzel sticks, pita chips, and hummus.

Dory Drink: This was my absolute FAVORITE decoration of the whole party. To make the eyes, I cut a styrofoam ball in half, and hot-glued on colored felt for the color part of the eyes. For the fins I cut a fin-shape (just free-handed it, remember this is simple, people!) from a piece of yellow foam paper. I used hot glue to attach the eyes and fins to the drink dispenser. I know from using hot glue on my classroom walls that it can come off hard surfaces pretty easily. This worked great until there was actually a cold drink in the drink dispenser. The condensation caused the hot glue to come off the glass, but we were able to glue the eyes up a little higher on the lid where there wasn’t condensation to make it work.

Finding Dory First Birthday Party Finding Dory First Birthday Party Finding Dory First Birthday Party

Smash Cake: For the smash cake we just ordered it from a local cake shop. It was actually the cake shop our wedding cake was from, so that was kind of neat. I am sure there are much cooler ideas for a Finding Dory smash cake, but it was nice to just give them our theme over the phone and be done with it. And I think it turned out really cute!

Finding Dory First Birthday Party

Cupcakes: We wanted to go simple with this too, so we just got cupcakes from Sam’s Club with yellow and blue frosting, and topped them with Finding Dory cupcake decorations from a party supplies store. We also found this really cute Finding Dory cupcake stand, so it made the ‘plain’ cupcakes stand out a little bit more.

Finding Dory First Birthday Party Finding Dory First Birthday Party

ONE Banner: I also found this banner at Hobby Lobby in the same section with with the little flags to label to food from above. To make the letters I made a ‘pattern’ by printing out large letters on regular paper, cutting them out, and tracing each letter on yellow scrapbook paper. Then I just cut the letters out and glued them to the banner. I used Finding Dory stickers to embellish the banner a little bit more.


Finding Dory First Birthday Party

I was so happy with how everything turned out, and even happier that I was able to take the simple route on some things to keep the stress level of party preparation at a minimum. It was a great day celebrating with friends and family!

Finding Dory First Birthday Party

Next week I will share how I displayed Livia’s monthly pictures!

Inspiration for these ideas came from: Design Dazzle, Tickled Pink with Rose and Pearls, and Kid Friendly Things to Do.

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