First Stitch Fix Review!

This is actually my third Stitch Fix box, but my first time reviewing it on the blog. I am excited to share my pieces with you!

So if you haven’t tried it yet, Stitch Fix is a personal styling experience that comes right to your door. You start by filling out your style profile on the Stitch Fix website. You are able to choose styles, price points, colors, etc. Then you schedule your Fix date, pay your $20 styling fee, and try to contain your anticipation until your Fix arrives! What’s awesome is that your $20 styling fee turns into credit that is applied to the pieces you keep.

In your Stitch Fix box you will get 5 items ranging from clothes, bags, jewelry, and now shoes! When you schedule your fix, you can request certain pieces if there is something you are looking for. Once you get your Fix, you are able to try everything on, style it with clothes and accessories you already have, and decide what you want to keep. You have 3 business days to mail back the items you aren’t keeping in a pre-paid envelope. I like to schedule my Fixes for a Thursday or Friday, so I have the weekend and an extra day with Sunday to decide on the clothes.

This time I asked for summer tops that would be cute for both work and going out. As soon as I pulled out my style card that shows your items and styling ideas, I knew she had KILLED it! This has been my best Fix so far. In the note she wrote me, she was so thoughtful in choosing every piece, looking at my Stitch Fix Pinterest board for inspiration, and thinking about the types of styles I had kept in the past. (Thanks Zarha!) Let me know what you think, and what you think I should keep.

Pixley Panorama Henley BlouseMy First Stitch Fix ReviewMy First Stitch Fix ReviewMy First Stitch Fix Review
This was the first top that I pulled out. I love this pattern, and the light texture of the material. I also love the the straps of the tank top are wide enough for me to wear to work. This top will be great when we start back at school in the July heat.


Collective Concepts Anja Scoop Neck Top

My First Stitch Fix Review My First Stitch Fix Review My First Stitch Fix Review

I immediately loved everything about this top! The bright print is exactly what I was wanting for Spring and Summer. I love the way it fits at the top and flows down. Sometimes ‘flowy’ tops aren’t that flattering on me, but I think this one looks great. There are button on the front also, that will be convenient when nursing Livia this summer. (My stylist is so thoughtful, and always tries to throw in an option for easy nursing for me). I couldn’t wait to wear this one to work the next day with a white denim jacket, so I am definitely keeping it.

SeaVees Baja Fiesta Slip-On Sneakers

My First Stitch Fix Review

My First Stitch Fix Review

I was so excited to try out the new shoe option available. I told them that I typically wear Sperry’s and casual shoes, and would like something along those lines. I wanted, desperately wanted, to get something that I loved. And to be honest, was let down when I pulled them out. The style is exactly what I was looking for, but this color was just not something that fits me. They actually looked a lot better on with an outfit than they did by themselves, and I really am considering keeping them. However, I probably would only wear them with this top, and don’t think I can justify spending the money on a shoe that’s not very versatile.

Papermoon Remie Cross Back Knit Top

My First Stitch Fix Review My First Stitch Fix Review

Unfortunately, I knew this top was a bust as soon as I saw it. The pattern just isn’t me, the texture of the material is sort of stretchy and weird, and the fit of it is just not flattering. I like the cross-back, but this one will be going back.

Collective Concepts Katelynn Dress

My First Stitch Fix Review My First Stitch Fix Review

This dress… I’m torn. Unfortunately, in my past Fixes I haven’t been very impressed with the dress they sent. This one is much closer to my style. I love the top, and the length is great. But I feel like the waistline hits me in a weird spot that isn’t very flattering. It is a nice, simple, comfortable dress that would be prefect for work, church, a summer evening out, but I am truly stumped. My motto, especially with dresses, is that if I don’t absolutely love it, don’t get it. I have so many clothes and dresses in my closet that looked ‘okay’ just like this one, that I have barely worn. I’m thinking this one is not worth it. But this makes me hopeful for the dress in my next Fix, since they have gotten better each time!

Overall I was really happy with my items, and have noticed that with each Fix there are more items that I love. The stylists definitely get better at shopping for you as you give them feedback each time. Alright people, this is where I need you…what do I do about the shoes and dress?? Don’t let me down!

The Simple Sweetheart


  1. Jacie Fella says:

    I really like the dress but I agree about the waistline. I find that when I wear dresses like that and if I put the waist where my waist actually is I have a ton fabric in the boob area and end up looking top heavy. The red top is super cute thought and I think you can pull off the shoes!

    • Jess Totura says:

      Thanks for your input! My husband thought the dress would like better with a belt to break up the fabric, but I just didn’t have anything that would work with it. I’ll be sending it back, I think.

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