First Trimester Update

I have made it through the first trimester! I am actually 15 weeks, and just didn’t get this post up in time, because #momlife. I am excited to document my pregnancy this time around, because last time I started out with great intentions, taking pictures every week, but then it faded away after a few weeks. I hope that by doing updates on the blog it will force me to take more pictures of my growing belly and document everything that is going on! Here is how the first trimester went:

First Trimester Update

Feeling: Not great, unfortunately! Even though I am in the second trimester, I have not gotten a whole lot of relief. I haven’t exactly been nauseous, but have just not been wanting to eat much especially in the evenings. I had zero symptoms like this last time and pretty much felt great all the way through, so this is very different.

Size of baby: Lemon, about 1.5 ounces.

Gender: We will be finding out again this time, but not for a while. While we both just want a healthy baby, Alex is rooting for a boy. I think either would be fun. We don’t have a boy, so that would be fun, but having two girls would also be great. I am getting a boy vibe, especially with how different I have been feeling this pregnancy. My doctor has that same vibe, although the ultrasound tech’s prediction was girl from our first ultrasound. So who knows!

Cravings: Plain food! Mac and cheese, quesadillas, etc. And definitely no meat!! I don’t know what is up with that, and definitely had nothing like that with Livia.

Livia is… loving to point to my belly (or chest, or leg, or shoulder) and say ‘baby.’ She has such a sweet and loving personality that I know she will be a great big sister when the baby comes, and am excited to see her in that role.

Alex is… trying to help me figure out foods that I can eat, and is always willing to make runs for a fruit smoothie when an actual meal just doesn’t sound good. And thankfully his busy season at work is winding down so he has been able to be home more the last week or so.

Differences from last pregnancy: I have gotten bigger WAY sooner! I even called my doctor telling them there has got to be more than one in there because I couldn’t even button my pants at 6 weeks. Last time I was over 20 weeks until I had to stop wearing my regular pants. Unfortunately that didn’t get me in any earlier for an ultrasound, and there is in fact only one in there. I also often forget I am pregnant, like when I was eating Egg McMuffins, which have deli meat on them, for 2 months and didn’t even think about it, or when I have an inner monologue about have a drink or two when we go out- then realizing, ‘Oh wait, I can’t!’ I attribute all that on already have one kid that keeps me busy, so my brain is just in survival mode.

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