Five on a Friday

This week I have just been stuck. I haven’t had any great ideas to write or share, or even the mental energy to do so if I wanted (I blame 4th graders in May). But, I hate going an entire week without blogging about anything. Even if no lightning strikes of inspiration have hit, it still has been another week of growing and learning with my baby girl. So my solution is ‘Five on a Friday,’ because surely I can come up with five things about my week, right?Five on a Friday

  1. Let’s get started with my new favorite selfie of us. One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to take more pictures with Livia, and I just love this one! I also love my new #MomLife tank from Kitchcessories. They might be my new favorite Etsy shop!
  2. So those 4th graders in May I mentioned…. who ever decided a school year should the this loooonnnnngggg? I am done, they are done, at this point just making it through the day is a success in my book. There are some moments where I’m not even sure that will happen. This super cute teacher care package I won in an Instagram Teachers Appreciation Week giveaway from Rolls and Raspberries  is so cute, and definitely helping to get me through! 13 days and counting.Five on a Friday
  3. Also school related, an owl somehow flew into the boiler room at school. Like, what??? Of course I had to snap a picture…. and then make a meme about it.Five on a Friday
  4. I took some belated Mother’s Day pictures this week (because I forgot about our holiday belly sticker on actual Mother’s Day), and am just in awe of the little girl my sweet baby is becoming. I love capturing these precious moments of her. Even the bloopers!

Five on a Friday Five on a Friday Five on a Friday

  1. This week I am LOVING the Sabra Hummus Singles packs with pretzels. It’s the perfect thing to take in my lunch. Hummus is totally my new thing. And thank you autocorrect for just now teaching my how to spell it (I told you, brain dead).
  2. I started giving Livia little bits of table food this week. I feel like a rebel mom because we haven’t gotten the official ‘okay’ from her pediatrician, but she is great at chewing up her Puffs, so I thought we could try it. She got super tiny bits of chicken, peas, and corn. She had so much fun feeding herself, and it was so cute to watch!

And there it is… my five things I could muster together to blog about this week. I kind of liked reviewing the week, maybe I will make this a regular thing! Also, any tips for when you get writer’s block would be appreciated!

Have a great weekend!! 

The Simple Sweetheart

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