It Feels Good to Be Back!

It Feels Good to be Back

For those of you following along with me, you may have seen that I have taken a little hiatus from blogging over the past 2 months or so. While I had time off of work for the summer, I began focusing on other areas in my life and blogging got pushed to the wayside.

I had a great summer with my baby girl and made lots of fun memories with her. Some of them I did post about with just pictures over the summer, like our Florida vacation, or just having some summer fun. As I have sat down over the past week to work on some blog posts, I realized how much I truly enjoy the creativity and writing! I am so glad to be back, and am excited to continue documenting my motherhood journey and life with my little family!

Thank you to those of you that are sticking with me! I would love to get to know some of my readers that I haven’t met yet, so please introduce yourself in the comments, or message me on Instagram, Facebook, or wherever you follow along from. Because that is my favorite part of this…the people I have met along the way!


The Simple Sweetheart


  1. Maria Jones says:

    I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts! I feel like we could be best friends if we lived near each other. I’m a former Kindergartn teacher of 5 years and now I stay home with my 15month old baby girl! ❤️

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