Livia’s 11 Month Update

Livia's 11 Month Update
A little late this month, but better late than never! This last month has been crazy with school starting, and we are now in full first birthday party planning mode! So here is what is going on with Miss Livie at 11 months:

Livia's 11 Month Update


  • time helping me set up my classroom! In true teacher’s kid fashion, Liv came with me to get things organized in my classroom. We ended up spending more time visiting with coworkers and showing off, than working in my room, but the company was still nice.
  • music festival. We had a music festival for local bands. The weather ended up being absolutely beautiful, and we had free tickets so we decided to go. I’m not sure the music was exactly Livia’s style, but it was nice to have something a little different to do for the weekend!
  • Olympics. We are Olympic people. We LOVE the Olympics. For one, it is the only time we really get to watch a lot of the sport that we both participated in competitively through college, and we also just love the unifying feeling of cheering on our country.

Livia's 11 Month Update Loves…

  • To eat! She is having a great time trying all sorts of new foods, and feeding them to herself. It has been fun seeing what food she likes, and getting to enjoy meals with her. So far she prefers meat, pasta, and veggies to anything sweet, but she has had little pieces of chocolate chip cookies and couldn’t get enough!
  • books. She loves to go in her room and just smile at all the books on her shelves, and then she takes them all out and looks at each one.
  • the puppies. She is getting more interactive with them and it is so adorable. She love to hug them and use them to pull up so she can stand next to them. Panting like a puppy is also one of her new hilarious tricks.


  • 24 pounds
  • 30 inches
  • Size 4 in diapers
  • 12 months on clothes and jammies
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