Livia’s 1 Year Update!

I can’t believe that Livia is one year old! I have had so many emotions leading up to her first birthday, and wrote about them in a letter to her in  my last post. It’s so weird to think about how different our lives were exactly one year ago, sitting in our hospital room, in awe of this sweet girl we just met, even though it felt like we had known our whole lives. It is so fun watching her turn into such a sweet little girl!

Livia's 12 Month Update

Livia’s birthday party post will be coming soon, but for now, here is what she has been up to this month:


  • Ride in a BRAND NEW CAR!! That is correct, I got a new car! If you follow me on Snapchat you have seen me documenting the mileage milestones. We bought it at 13 miles (most of those were from my test drive) and it just hit exactly 100 today!
  • week of gym classes with dad. Over the summer I started taking her to gym classes and she loved them! We decided to continue them, and Alex is going to be taking her each week during the day. I am glad they will get to have a fun one-on-one activity to do each week!
  • top teeth have come in. Both of them at once actually. Luckily you didn’t seem too bothered by them!
  • birthday party of your own! We had such a fun time celebrating… more to come on that later!

You love:

  • giving hugs and kisses. I think I have had this on a previous month, but this month she has just been so sweet and wanting to hug and kiss us anytime we are holding her. It is so cute! I sure do love those open mouth kisses!
  • dancing. Anytime a song comes on your start your little wiggle up and down and it is just so darn cute!


  • 12 months in clothes and jammies
  • 4 in diapers
  • 24 pounds
  • 30 inches

Livia's 12 Month UpdateLivia's 12 Month Update IMG_5376Livia's 12 Month Update Livia's 5 Month Update Livia's 6 Month Update Livia's 7 Month Update Livia's 8 Month Update Livia's 9 Month Update 10 Month Update Livia's 11 Month UpdateLivias 12 Month Update 2

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