Livia’s 18 Month Update

I haven’t posted an update on Livia since I finished her monthly updates, and wanted to document everything she is in to and all the new things she is learning!

Livia Loves…

  • The dogs- a serious obsession that is the most adorable thing ever. They are always getting hugged/tackled and loving from Livia. They love to go in and great her in the morning- something even before we are ready to get her out of her crib. She includes them in pretty much anything she is doing. She loves to put her toys on them, share her food, and sometimes even pretend like she is going to share her food, and then eat it herself. They are such good sports!

  • Outside. This girl will stand at the back door yelling ‘open’ and gets so upset when it is time to go inside. The weather turned a little chilly again the last few weeks so we couldn’t get outside as much, but hopefully it will be warming up again soon.
  • Books, colors, shapes- this girl loves to learn. I would say she is about 80% accurate with identifying her colors, which I think is pretty amazing! I may be biased, but I am constantly blown away by the things that she knows. She will all of a sudden say something, and I had no clue she knew what that was, for example we went to the park today and we saw people running. Every time she would say ‘running.’ As much as I would like to say otherwise, running is not something that she sees us doing other than when we are playing around with her, so I was just so shocked that she made this connection.

  • To be silly. Her personality has continued to come out these last few months and it is so fun to see. We definitely have a girl with a sense of humor on our hands. She will do things just to make us laugh and knows when she is being silly. She is also very sensitive and loving, and can sometimes be reserved when she is in new situations. Other times she is yelling ‘Hello’ at people multiples aisles away in the grocery store.

  • Food- any and all. Super thankful for that, and hope it continues! Fruit has been a recent favorite.


  • How to pick up her toys. This is one we started fairly early on, and I like that she is learning that this is something we do. She doesn’t always want to do it, or do it the first time, but this is something we have stuck to and I am glad we are starting routines like this for her now.
  • How to go to sleep on her own (yayyy!) This actually is not that recent, we started it around 13 or 14 months for bedtime, but naps were a different story. The past few weeks though we have been able to set up a good nap routine and she has been able to fall asleep on her own for naps too. This has been so freeing for her to be able to do this!
  • Letters and numbers. She can help us count to 3, and also has down 8, 9, 10. I’m not sure why those last three… She also loves to try to spell out the letters of her name. This is something that my dad has been doing with her with the name art in her room since literally they day we brought her home, so somewhat knows the sounds to make and points to the letters like he does. We joke that she better be able to do this already because of all of the work he has put in to it!
  • to interact with others. Since Livie doesn’t go to daycare, we have had to be very purposeful about giving her opportunities to interact and play with others her age. We take her to a few classes, and Alex has started taking her to the babysitting room at his work. It’s not a full on day care, but she is learning to be left without mom or dad, and to play with others. We have definitely seen her grow in this area, and I have noticed she has been less shy around other little kids.


  • 27 pounds
  • 33.5 inches
  • Size 4 in diapers
  • 18/24 months in clothes and jammies
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