November Recap

November was a great month for our family. We got to enjoy some excellent weather that let us play outside a lot, spent time with family for Thanksgiving, and are looking forward to the holiday season! Now that Livia is more interactive and can understand more of what is going on, the holidays are going to be even more fun!

Livia is now totally mobile and running ALL over the place. She has been loving to play outside in the leaves and the run around in the backyard. I was able to capture some amazing moments with her and Alex! These two just melt my heart!

November Recap

November Recap

Isn’t this lamb hat the most adorable thing?? Thank you, again, Target!
November RecapNovember Recap November Recap

Thanksgiving came up quickly, as it always seems to do. We definitely enjoyed our extra days off, and Livia loved the extra snuggle and attention she got from our families. We got to spend Thanksgiving with both of our parents, and I think Livia loved having lots of people in the house to play with.
November RecapNovember Recap

Of course, she didn’t stay awake to actually eat her first Thanksgiving meal. This picture was taken about five minutes in. Babies have it so rough! As she was drifting off in her high chair she had a very peaceful, happy smile on her face as she looked around at all of us with her sleepy eyes. I think she loved being surrounded by everyone that she loves at one table. It was so sweet!

November Recap

And then we ended our month with a trip to a local holiday festival called Festival of Trees. We were excited to take Livia to see Santa. I don’t know why, but I was assuming she would be just fine and smile and laugh in his lap. Buuuuttt what happened was the exact opposite! I felt terrible, but also couldn’t help but chuckle a little bit at this picture. I mean, this is priceless. Safe to say we will not be trying Santa again this year!  November Recap

Once this happened every picture we tried to take that day went downhill. Check out our other Christmas card fails here, because these pictures are seriously sooooo terrible that it actually makes them kinda good. Know what I mean? We definitely won’t forget them!

Happy December!

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