October Recap

Monday night, after Liv was in bed and we were eating all the left over candy, we were reflecting on all the great things we did in October. This month seemed to be the perfect length. It didn’t drag on, but didn’t fly by either, which is fiiiiine by me because I have loved every bit of fall and family fun! I got to enjoy some time off of work, got my October Stitch Fix (which was AMAZING!), gathered a list of some great fall activities with little ones and crossed a few off that list, and enjoyed two weekends of Halloween fun! What a month!

My favorite piece from my Stitch Fix. This jacket is so perfect!

October Stitch FixOctober Recap

Livia loved the corn table to much at the pumpkin patch we went to, that we turned her water table into a corn table and put it down in the basement for the winter. I am excited for her to have this is a fun sensory activity when the weather gets cold!

October Recap October Recap

October Recap October Recap

I love capturing sweet moments between these two!
October Recap October Recap

We had so much fun carving Livia’s first pumpkin!
October RecapOctober RecapOctober Recap
October Recap

Always trying to share with the pups!
October Recap

Of course Liv had to be Dory after she loved her Finding Dory first birthday party. And I was able to use some of the decorations from the party for her costume! Total mom win!

October Recap October RecapOctober RecapOctober Recap


This is seriously such a fun time of year to have a little one, and I am even looking forward to the holiday hustle and bustle! Happy November!

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  1. StephTheBookworm says:

    Aw, I loooove her costume! That is adorable.

    At the pumpkin patch we go to, the kids can get into the corn. They swim around in it. Caleb thinks it’s a riot. Of course I then found tons of corn kernels in his diaper afterward!

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