Our Own Little Journey

I received these Little Journey products as an Influenster member, courtesy of ALDI. All opinions are my own. #ALDILittleJourney

I have learned that motherhood certainly is a journey, one that takes twists and turns, has ups and downs, and never ends no matter how old your baby is. So it is fitting that Aldi has come out with a new line of baby products called Little Journey.

I have to say, Aldi is not a store that is usually part of my weekly or monthly errand routine. Not because I have anything against shopping there, but it just is an extra stop I would have to make, and for me the convenience of picking up everything up at my normal grocery store rather than make an extra trip for a few items is worth it.

But their new baby products are a game changer for me! After testing out all of these goodies, I will definitely be working Aldi in to my errand routine.

Our Own Little JourneyOur Own Little Journey Our Own Little Journey

Our favorite of these products is the food. It is such high quality, even greater than name brand products, like Gerber! Liv LOVES these Little Munchers snacks, and she would not touch the Gerber equivalent. The texture and the flavors are so much better, and I love that it has natural flavors and whole grains!

Our Own Little Journey Our Own Little Journey

Don’t touch my cheese puffs, Mom!
Our Own Little Journey

The yogurt melts and fruit and veggie pouches are great quality too. Liv can’t wait to get her hand on more of those!

Our Own Little Journey

I am even loving the Little Journey diapers, wipes, and bath wash – and that is saying something, because I am normally a name brand shopper when it comes to those items!

The baby wash comes in a pump bottle that is easy to use, and it smells so good! We haven’t had any issues with it irritating her skin or drying it out, which is usually my main concern with bath soaps.Our Own Little Journey Our Own Little Journey

I must admit that I first received these products I expected to just go back to my normal products, but I am pleasantly surprised to say that the new Little Journey line from Aldi has surpassed my expectations, and is definitely changing things up for me. I will definitely be continuing to purchase these items because of their great quality, and the price comparison is super nice too! If you are a mom with a little one, I recommend giving the Little Journey products from Aldi a try!


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  1. StephTheBookworm says:

    Yesss! My family and I are obsessed with Aldi. We go there every Thursday and I buy 90% of our groceries there. We use all of the baby products and I was so excited when they expanded their line since it used to just be diapers and wipes. I even entered my son in their baby model contest and didn’t win. 🙁 LOL. We use the wipes, diapers, body wash, and food. The formula wasn’t out yet when Caleb was using it, but I’ll definitely use it the next time around! So glad you’re loving the stuff. We save lots of money there.

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