Returning to Work: The 3 Week Slump

Returning to work

I was lucky enough to take off 12 wonderful weeks with Livie, which I know is more than most people. Although the extra time that I took was unpaid, and my paychecks are still taking a major hit from it, no amount of money would have made me return to work sooner. Now I am 3 weeks in, and find myself hitting a wall. Here’s how it went:

Week 1: Thanksgiving Week. I had all the normal tears and sadness of any new mom returning to work, but by Day 3 of the short work week I was tear free and excited for the first special holiday with our new family of 3! I made it through those 3 days and thought the hard part was behind me.

Week 2: I started to feel like I was getting in a good routine, and there was plenty to do to get my students and classroom back in order to keep my mind busy. I felt less overwhelmed while at work, and thought I was settling in to my new normal just  fine.

Then, week 3 hit.

“Okay, I did the whole back to work thing, now I can just stay home again right?” were my exact words to my husband Sunday night. For some reason this week has been the hardest for me since returning to work. I don’t know if the stress of the constant daily grind is getting to me, or if things have finally set in that I won’t be able to spend every day with my little lady anymore, but I do know that I feel so, so drained and am calling this a Week 3 Slump!

Is this a real thing for anyone else?  How you do get through it? How do you muster up the energy to stay motivated at work, when all you want to do is see that sweet baby at home? Does it actually get easier like everyone has been telling me?

Here’s to figuring out how to get through the rest of Week 3, and hoping that Week 4 is a little better.

The Simple Sweetheart

The Simple Sweetheart


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