Spring Cleaning Resolution 


Spring Cleaning Resolution

The Spring cleaning bug has hit me again. Except this year, there is more to deep clean than ever before. Since Livia was born, we have pretty much only been doing ‘superficial’ cleaning, and even then I always feel behind. Everyone says that the housework can wait when you have a new baby, that there will always be cleaning to do, but your baby will only be small for a short time. I totally agree with this to a point, and for the most part have followed this ‘mommy rule.’ But the truth is, I am happier and less stressed when I don’t feel behind on the cleaning. So I have decided to make a Spring Cleaning Resolution. That’s totally a thing, right?

I am resolving to do 20 minutes of ‘power cleaning’ after putting Livie to bed each night during the week. This way I can get a lot of the basic cleaning done throughout the week, and the weekends won’t be so loaded with a cleaning list that is impossible to get through. Here is my schedule:

Monday: finish putting laundry away (It NEVER gets finished on Sundays. Anyone else with me here?)

Tuesday: dust main surfaces

Wednesday: Vacuum and Swiffer

Thursday: Dust the random things: floorboards, vents, windows, and fans (things I always forget about until they look disgusting!) 

Friday: Start Baby’s Laundry

Of course there will still be cleaning to do on the weekends, but it will be much more manageable with this new cleaning resolution, and hopefully I can continue it beyond just the Spring! I have been doing this for about a week, and have found that I usually can get it done even before 20 minutes is up. Comment below with any other ideas you busy mommas have for keeping up on housework, I would love to hear them!

The Simple Sweetheart

The Simple Sweetheart


  1. Kaitlyn Strauman says:

    I have stuck to this schedule pretty strictly all school year (when baby arrives, who knows what will happen, though) I love not having to spend hours on the weekend cleaning. My house does not really ever have that “ahhhh! It’s all sparkling” feel, but it also never feels uncomfortably dirty. Works for me!
    Wednesday-bathrooms and laundry
    Friday -nothing!
    Saturday – laundry (plus a random project if I feel like it)
    Sunday-meal prep and clean kitchen

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