Spring Maternity Stitch Fix

It has been soooo long since I ordered a Stitch Fix, and decided with my growing belly that I needed some new Spring maternity clothes. My last Fix this past fall was so amazing, I could not wait to see their Spring clothes!  This was my first time getting maternity clothes from Stitch Fix, so I was also really interested to see what they would have.

If you have never tried Stitch Fix, it is the easiest shopping experience you will ever find! With a busy toddler and another baby on the way, going out to stores is just not something that is always in the cards for us. Recently Livie has been really touch and go out in public, especially when she has to stay in her stroller, so more than a few times trying to go out, and actually browse and try on clothes has turned into a major fail. So having clothes delivered right to my door for me to try on when Livie is napping is way less stressful for all of us.

So after signing up with Stitch Fix and filling out your style profile, they will send you a box of 5 items which can include all types of clothes, jewelry, bags, or shoes. To further personalize your Fix you can include a note with specific items you are looking for, and add a link to a Pinterest board where you pin fashion ideas. Another plus about Stitch Fix is that it is so much easier than regular online shopping to send back things you decide not to keep. Just put in the mailer bag provided that is already addressed with shipping paid for, and throw in the mailbox. No post office, no finding a box to ship it back in. Seriously the whole experience is so easy, and definitely made for busy moms!

For this Fix I asked for some maternity tops and some fun tops for our upcoming trip to Florida. I also asked for either some maternity pants or leggings. So here is what I got in my Spring Maternity Stitch Fix:

Loveappella Maternity Campton Maternity Knit Top

Spring Maternity Stitch Fix Spring Maternity Stitch Fix

I absolutely loved this top from the minute I pulled it from the box. It is super soft, and just a nice casual top. I love the pop of pink at the top to give it a Spring feel. This top will be nice for weekend wear and will go well with nice pants for work too. I have already worn it to a birthday party, so it is definitely a keeper!

THML Akello Maternity Embroidered Knit Top

Spring Maternity Stitch Fix Spring Maternity Stitch Fix Spring Maternity Stitch Fix

Find these shoes here

So spoiler alert: I did not end up keeping this top. And now that I am looking at pictures I am kicking myself! I was torn with this top. I loved the colors, but the style just didn’t feel like me.  The length was a little long, like that weird length that is too long for a shirt, but not long enough for a dress, so I wasn’t sure wether to bunch it up or pull it straight. I also didn’t know how I felt about the detail along the neckline. Ugh, but now I totally wish I would have kept it! I am loving it in these pictures!

Olive & Oak Allie Swing Knit Tank and Rune Porter Maternity Leggings

Spring Maternity Stitch Fix Spring Maternity Stitch Fix

This tank top is so cute, I definitely knew it would be a keeper. I love the loose fit of it, which makes it perfect for my growing belly and after the baby is born. It will be perfect for warm summer days, and with a cardigan for work. These leggings…not so much. Of course they were comfortable, I mean, they are leggings. But they were $58. Unless these things will have the baby for me, or magically suck my stomach back to normal afterward, there is no way I am spending that much on leggings. I’m just not. So they went back.

Loveappella Carlita Knit Maxi Dress

Spring Maternity Stitch Fix Spring Maternity Stitch Fix

White Jacket: One like it here

So this dress… I honestly HATED it when I pulled it out of the box. Alex’s exact words were “You are way to pale for that dress,” ummm okay, I wasn’t thinking that, just that is was really not my style at all. I don’t really wear too many maxi dresses, and while I am obsessed with chevron, this pattern and the colors just didn’t do it for me. When I tried it on the first time, I still hated it, and didn’t like the fit either. I tried it on one more time to take pictures in it, and actually started to like it. I still was planning on sending it back, but Alex actually convinced me to keep it. He thought it looked really nice (apparently I’m not really too pale for it), and thought would an easy and comfortable dress to wear this summer. I still wasn’t sure, because I won’t wear it to work, the neckline is a little lower than I like to wear to work, and I pretty much only buy things that I can wear to work and at home. But he thought it was something that was a little different from what I normally get, and I should spend the money on it even if I can’t wear it to work. So I kept it, and I am excited to bring it on vacation in a few weeks. I am definitely glad I gave it another chance, and got some fashion advice from Alex. It will be the perfect evening dinner dress!

Overall I was pretty pleased with my first maternity Stitch Fix, and will probably schedule another one for mid summer! If you are a busy mom that finds it a hassle to go out and go shopping, sign up and try Stitch Fix! It’s so easy, and you only pay for what you want to keep!

Also, Alex wants credit as my photographer ; )

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