Three Things for Working Moms to Do In the Morning

My biggest challenge with working outside the home is stressing about all the things that need to be taken care of at home that I just don’t ever seem to get to. “Oh yeah, I need to do that tomorrow” turns into a month later and whatever was has been completely forgotten about. I hate leaving my house in the morning thinking that I couldn’t get anything accomplished, stressing about it all day, then coming home and feel I have to sacrifice time spent with Livia in order to take care of boring adult things.

To help with this, I have started to do three things each morning that help me feel like I have accomplished something at home, and not feel as overwhelmed when I come home from work .

3 Things for Moms to Do in the Morning

Check your email: I don’t know about you, but I have a serious junk mail problem in my inbox. I unsubscribe like it’s my job, but they just keep coming. There is nothing that overwhelms me out more than checking my personal email after getting home and seeing 50+ emails. I just can’t. Checking it in the morning before work lets me delete a good chunk of those advertisement emails that get sent out between 3 and 6 am, and it just makes it seem more manageable when I check it later in the day.

Complete one quick task: Lately, I have been trying to get one thing done around the house in the mornings. I am talking something quick, liking filling up the humidifier, or putting away dishes that were left on the counter to dry. For some reason doing this one action in the morning, seems to help keep me from stressing about ALL the things that need to be done when I get home, because at least that one thing is off my list. Even if most times Alex probably would have taken care of it if I didn’t, it is just nice to leave the house without those things looming over my head.

Listen to music: Obviously I listen to the radio in the car, but there is something about listening to music either while I’m getting ready for work, or for a little bit when I first get to work if I can. It just feels so freeing, like yes, I’m at work, but I can still enjoy the outside world. Anyone else with me on this??

I would love to know things in your morning routines that help your days run smoothly and stress free!

The Simple Sweetheart

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