Top 10 newborn must haves!

So after 2.5 days in the hospital with your new baby, you begin to think you totally got this new parent thing down. Then, you get home. Everything that seemed to be working for you in the hospital, isn’t working at home (ummm how am I supposed to nurse her without 6 pillows and a bed that moves any way I want it with the touch of a button??), and at some point you may think you brought the wrong baby home because your sweet, snuggly baby from hospital is now screaming for hours on end. Here are a few things that saved our lives in the midst of all this confusion of bringing home our new baby.


Top 10 Newborn Must Haves

10. Pack ‘n Play (or some type of crib/swing/seat) in the living room. You won’t be ready to put that baby down in another room yet! (can’t they send you home with the roll bassinet from the hospital?? That thing worked so well!)

9. Gowns. These are super easy for the million diaper changes you will be doing. This one from Royal and Reese is so cute (and true)!

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 10.33.34 PM

8. Digital forehead or ear thermometer. Babies get hot. Very hot. If you’re like me you’ll want to check her temperature all the time (surely she has a fever this time!). While the doctor may want an official temp from her little tush, having an easy, non-invasive way to ease your new mommy fears without having to be invasive every time is really nice.

7. Nosefrida, AKA the snot sucker. Sounds gross… looks gross… the thought of it is gross. But it does an amazing job of clearing your little one’s nose.

6. Ubbi Diaper Pail. We got this as a gift from an experienced mom, who said this is her go-to baby shower gift. It is a little more expensive up front than a Diaper Genie, but  you can use regular garbage bags, so no buying refill cartridges. It also does a great job of keeping the stinky in!

5. MamaRoo: This baby swing has it all and can even be controlled from your phone! Great place to have baby nap during the day. And Livie cracks up at the 3 little balls on the mobile that comes with it, not sure why, but she sure loves them : )

4. Video baby monitor. As a first time mom, I have loved being able to see that my baby girl is still safe in her crib (and breathing) while she is sleeping. And the Summer Infant one we got can also be viewed on your phone, so you can take a peek, or several, on your first date night out with your hubby!

3. Plastic changing table cover. Don’t go for the super cute and soft changing pad covers. It will get peed on within 24 hours (apparently even girls go potty while you are changing their diaper, who knew?). We got this cute one from Target.

2. Avent Soothie pacifier We didn’t start using pacifiers until about 6 weeks due to wanting to get breastfeeding well established, but once we did, these were MAGIC. The shape is quite different from other pacifiers, not sure if that has something to do with it, but Livia definitely prefers them, especially when she wants to sleep.

1. SwaddleMe. Okay those nurses must take an entire class in swaddling babies, because Livie would be out of her swaddle at home in about 3.5 seconds. These SwaddleMe’s have a place for their legs, and then a velcro wrap to keep those ninja arms tucked in. Seriously, she slept through the night when we started using these things!

And there they are, 10 things that have have been life savers, and sometimes sanity savers, for us in this adventure of bringing home a new baby! Let me know any products that you found helpful!

*This post is not sponsored, and is simply full of products that worked for me and my newborn!

The Simple Sweetheart

The Simple Sweetheart


  1. Elvira says:

    My mother in law was a nurse and I’ve always been jealous of her tucking-them-in-skills. I might go for a swaddle blanket next time to save myself some sanity!

    • says:

      Oh those nurses! They must take classes on swaddling perfection! Seriously though, the swaddle blanket with the velco… we still use it at 3 months!

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