Top 5 Nursing Favorites and Giveaway!

I am officially half way to my goal of nursing Livia for one year. It has not always been easy, but I feel like providing this benefit for my baby girl is one of the most important things I have ever done.  I am celebrating this milestone with a post about my some products that I have found extremely helpful so far! You can enter to win my favorite of all of these products, a Covered Goods nursing cover! See below  to enter!

*Update: The giveaway has ended. Thanks for participating! 

Top 5 Nursing Favorites

Covered Goods Nursing Cover: Before having Livia, I did not think I would feel comfortable nursing a baby at all, let alone nursing in public. But anyone who has nursed a new baby knows that sometimes it just has to happen!  I am just not coordinated enough to get myself and clothes situated, and baby latched, all while trying to keep my self covered (my personal preference), so this nursing cover from Covered Goods has been a lifesaver for me when nursing in public. It’s 360 degree coverage means I don’t even have to worry about a blanket slipping off or being exposed from the side. AND it can also be used as a carseat cover and shopping cart seat cover, so you get a lot of value for your money! Head to my Instagram to enter to win one of your own. You must be following me and @coveredgoods, and tag a friend to enter!

Undercover Mama Nursing Tanks: I wear these literally EVERY day. They are amazing! They are tank tops without straps that hook onto your nursing bra. So when you unhook, the tank top just comes down with it. These tanks are absolutely an essential for me when nursing in public because my regular shirt can be pulled up, while this covers the rest of me.

Up and Up Milk Storage Bags: I have used several brands of milk storage bags, and have found these to be the best. Medela bags were a little too small as I began to pump at work, and I also did not like how they didn’t lay flat very well for storage. These are bigger, and lay much flatter. I also had trouble with other brands leaking when thawing milk, but these have been great so far. They seem to be a little thicker than other brands, so maybe that’s why. I also like the sterile seal that is on each bag. It gives me peace of mind that even when they are stuffed in my pumping bag that I take to and from work, they will be clean and safe to store my milk in.

Teething Necklace: Livia loves her Honey Pear Co. teething necklaces to chew on, but I also love to wear them while she is nursing. She has started to want to grab on to things while she nurses, and usually it’s my skin and face. Those little nails can be sharp! So wearing a teething necklace gives her something to grab on to, and saves me from having red scratches all over!

Medela Pump In Style: This is the pump that most insurance companies provide if a pump available through your insurance plan. I was pleasantly surprised at how small this pump actually is, and how little maintenance it requires. It is super easy to pack up in a small bag to take to work, and does not requires a million parts to be assembled and disassembled each time.


This post is not sponsored, and is simply a collection of products that I love!


The Simple Sweetheart

The Simple Sweetheart


  1. Amaya says:

    This was so helpful! I have my eye on the Medela Advanced on the go tote, just because it comes with a little cooler/ice pack. Do you bring your own to work or find that you can do without? And we love Target; do the Up and Up bags work well with Medela?

    • Jess Totura says:

      Hi Amaya! I have a mini-fridge at work that I keep my milk in during the day, and then I just have a short drive home, so I don’t even worry about an ice pack. I do have a little bottle bag that comes with an ice pack and guarantees to keep milk cold for 6 hours, so you could always try that instead of spending the extra money to get it with the pump. The Up and Up bags don’t attach to the pump like the Medela ones do, but I just pump in bottles and pour in a bag. Hope this helps! 🙂

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