Valentine Date Ideas at Home

Valentine Date Ideas at Home


I love date nights with my husband, but I love it even more when we can do things as a family of three. This year I am looking forward to celebrating Valentine’s Day at home with Alex and our little love bug! Here are some ideas we have come up with to make Valentine’s Day with all three of us a special day!

New Recipe: It’s always fun to try out a new recipe together for a special dinner, or use an ingredient that you don’t cook with very often.

‘Chopped’ Challenge: If you are super handy in the kitchen (unlike me), you could  surprise each other with a secret ingredient, and have to work it into your meal. Alex would be amazing at this!

Special Dessert: We love to make a skillet cookie on special occasions, and top it with ice cream. Soooo yummy!

Special Drink: My obsession right now is strawberry lemonade, the kind with actual strawberries crushed up in it! And the red strawberries make it perfectly festive for Valentine’s Day!

Conversation cards: These are fun little conversation starters to learn even more about your loved one. I bet you could even find of topic ideas online if you can’t find a set of these cards.

Game Night: Usually by the time Livia goes to sleep, we just collapse on the couch and are either on our phones or watching tv (or both!). We used to love to play card games, but never do anymore, so that will be a fun way to mix it up from our typical evening.

Movie and Popcorn: Rent a movie that you both have been wanting to see. SO many movies have come out since Livia was born, but we haven’t gotten a chance to see them. I’m excited for them to finally be coming out on video to rent!

I would love to hear your ideas for a Valentine’s date night in!

The Simple Sweetheart

The Simple Sweetheart


  1. jessglynn27 says:

    oh my gosh a Chopped challenge would be so fun!! Other than my husband is a terrible cook and I don’t know if I’d trust what his final dish would be. 🙂

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