A New Mommy’s Thanksgiving

This year I am, of course, thankful for the usual things: a supportive family, amazing friends, good health, and a home to raise my family in. But this year, more than ever before, I am so thankful for the little things, because I know when I look back they will be the big things

As I headed back to work this week, I am thankful for the technology that lets me get pictures of Livie throughout the day from our manny (my dad!).

Another piece of technology I’m thankful for is a video baby monitor. I love watching her sleep, and knowing that she is safely on her back and still breathing. Is that a crazy first time mom thing?? I don’t know, but still being able to see her when she is in a different room puts my mind at ease.

I am thankful for the precious baby smiles that waited for me each afternoon when I came home from work. It’s so hard to leave her in the morning, but knowing I will come home to her has made the days go by quickly.


I am thankful for Black Friday sales from some of my favorite Instagram and Etsy shops that let me get super cute Christmas clothes for Livie!

I am thankful for peaceful nights at home relaxing on the couch in jammies with a movie on, then realizing that a 3 hour couch nap is a better use of your time : )

I am thankful for the community of mom’s that I instantly felt a part of once I became a mom. Being a mom is really a unifying thing, and has brought me back in connection with friends I haven’t talked to in years, or brought new connections with people I would have never expected. I love the support and encouragement I have gotten from these other moms. We all have the same goals of raising healthy, happy babies, so let’s support each other in whatever way each mom sees fit to do that!

And finally, as I rocked Livie last night, and she ate her final Thanksgiving meal before going to sleep, my heart was just so overwhelmed with happiness that she is in our lives. Sharing these holidays with her make them that much more special.

The Simple Sweetheart

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